I became someone else, something else.

I am a grown man, who’s seen the world, experienced love, experienced great loss, experienced great pain, but in all that time, have come to realize how important the walk with Christ is. I am never alone, but live without a companion. Some of my favorite quotes I have come to rely on. Living is not for the weak. Live Long and Prosper. Prochnost “Russian noun meaning strength, durability, stability, toughness, solidity, endurance.” At the beginning of my change the idea was small but now the idea is coming together. If I ever get my sea legs I’d go by the name “Kapitan strelok-propovednik” Captain Arrow Preacher.

I started writing this blog because I felt like my story, my life’s struggles could genuinely touch the the lives of others, and in that hope, spread the good word. While I am only human, and I struggle on a daily basis, I feel in that weakness there is also strength. I hope to meet other Christians like myself, and I hope to be of some use in this world. I am a Veteran of the US Army, and I have fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Serving my country taught me a lot, and the aftermath of surviving and watching so much has had a profound affect on me. My goal is to reach lives, change lives, and one day to move forward and help veterans who suffer from PTSD, suicidal thoughts or tendencies, depression, and anxiety amongst other thing. If you’ve read this far and you’d like to connect with me, my contact page has the way to do so. I hope each and every one of you are doing well and I pray God’s continued blessings on you.