Lord I Need You

Lord I Need You

A tear falls, stains the paper. I look to the sky and close my eyes. Mercy Lord I beg. I need you in my storm. I need you to send your angels to protect me my God. A torn heart, a broken body, and I praise you above it all. I remember when I was happy and now it’s gone. I look to you my Lord to help me carry on. I can’t see the way out, but my God, the God of all things, I pray you to be with me. The rain feels like ice on my face, the sting over my whole body. My God my God please don’t leave me now. I praise you no matter the hurricane going on around me. My Lord I lift my eyes to the sky even though I can’t see past my tears, my pain. Send me a sign Lord, show me you’re here. You never left my side, but even though I ache and I hurt, I know you will never leave.

Why do I feel this anger, why do I feel this pain? It feels like weights holding me down, pulling me under the blackest water. The wolves are howling, and nipping at my heels. Give me the speed to outrun them. Give me the words to repel the darkness that surrounds me. Today the world seems heavy. The world seems crushing.

I may be facing the darkness, but I know that you will see me through no matter what. I know that this is not forever, but just a little while. I know that the day will come when my troubles will be like the receding waters from the flood. The day will come when all is restored. I know where to look, and I know where to pray. The day will come when all I’ll have to say is



The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh. The Lord has given me much, and as the winds of change, the change in the season is upon me, I know that I am being blessed. How will this change affect me, it’s too early to say, but today is better then yesterday, and tomorrow will be better then today. There are blessings in my life, that like the traffic on a highway are slow going, even if it seems everyone else is moving at high speed, I know that my blessings are all gifts from God.


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