Take Aim

Take Aim

The Devil targets the strongest of Gods warriors to try and break them down, break the bond with God. The Devil is relentless, never resting to destroy all we have worked for. The mistakes we can make can change our lives forever. The Devil can only win if when he knocks you to the mat you stay down. Draw that breath, and like an arrow, when life draws you back, prepare to fly by never giving up. Never surrender to the Devil and always draw your bow and shoot forward. Dig in your boots and prepare for the storm. If God is for us who then will be against us. Take aim and like your arrows, you can fly through the air to hit your target. Gods love and grace is where our aim should be. We may not always hit our target, we may not always be able to withstand the attack and stay on our feet, but with the whole armor that our Lord and Savior has given us we too can stand as soldiers for God. We can fight the fight everyday. When you get knocked down, never be afraid to extend your hand to God to help lift you back up. God will never leave you, God will never forsake you. God loves his children.


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