The J Path

The J Path

 Traveling down the wooded trail, notice the sun coming through the trees. The chirping of the birds and crickets, the leaves that blow gently in the wind can be heard as it fills the senses. The beauty of what can be seen all around, the colors of green, and brown, some yellows, and even oranges light up the eyes. The smell of the woods, a hint of water, a hint of dandelion, leaves, and other scents that we may or may not know.

Where are we going? What are we doing on this trail? What’s the goal, the point? How does the trail seem? Is it rocky, is it full of tree roots, what does the canopy look like? From my path I can only see a little blue in the sky. The canopy is think and full. The choice of left or right, high or low, the choice is simple. Even if the path of the most resistance is the J path that’s what I follow. For every day the path may become harder to traverse. The path may seem at first to be scary, and impassible, but the truth is nothing can stop us. When we feel like we can’t get passed the trees, when we feel like the brush is too much, cry out to the J man as ask for the path to be cleared.

The J Path, the path to Jesus is the only path through the woods. When the wolves come around and taunt us to leave the trail, when we are asked to defend our faith, when we are rebuked for our beliefs, are you strong enough to stand up and fight for Mr. J? Jesus knows we aren’t perfect. He knows we will fail at times. Jesus knows that some days the strength we have may falter. Do not be ashamed for what you believe in. Stand up and let it be known. The day may come when faith is outlawed, when uttering the word Jesus may be taboo and those who do may find themselves facing criminal charges. We cannot back away from our path. Find your way. Don’t loose sight of the right and wrong. The path to Mr. J is the only path worth taking. That path may not be the earthly feel good path, but everlasting life sure seems better then a few moments of bliss on earth. Just remember walk far enough on the path, and the sun will shine through.


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