God you’ve healed my soul. You let me walk through that open door, and you’ve given me the gift of Heaven. Let me live this life till you choose to call me home. Let me save lives, let me give the word to those who need it, let me show others the path. Give me the grace of the angels with me and let me have the patience to follow through. Let me hear the music of the heavens. I fall to my knees and pray your sweet name. I pray to heal this broken heart of mine, and to know tomorrow’s new day brings a new canvas. Hallelujah my Lord, praise you Hosanna in the highest. Let me tighten my Armor so that I may defend against the lies and deceit that flood my mind and heart. Let me be quicker, let me outsmart the enemy, let me out draw the enemy. Let my arrow fly straight, let my compass guide me by the light at night. Keep my boots dry and my lips moist with the blood of Christ. God you sent me to this world full of so much trouble let me stay true to the course. You sent me, you saved me, God you did something, you created me. Let my sun rise remind me that your Son did Rise, the beauty of a new day always.


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