I’ve Got Faith

I’ve Got Faith

The thing about life and the walk with Christ is you don’t have to be okay every day. The truth is right now I’m not okay. It isn’t easy being alone every day. The last several days I’ve been sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. I’ve been blogging, watching movies, and loving the dogs. I know that every day Christ is with me, and that is my comfort. The movies are replayed, and sadly even the dogs are getting bored. I no longer have any Lego’s or means to get any new ones. I can’t pack anymore because I don’t know how long I’ll be here.

The road is far and the nights are long. It’s not about faith it’s about human emotion. I feel like a shell of my former self sometimes. With the future so cloudy and the path so questionable faith is all I have right now. What is it that makes others so judgmental? Do others judge us by our looks, or social class, our job, or the unfortunate events we’ve been through? It’s sad when some will tell you how lucky you are, how special you are, or handsome you are, but when it matters, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if I was alone without my baby dogs. They lay with me, sit with me, play with each other and actually give me a good amount of entertainment. I thank God every day for them.

The wind changes and my heart has too. I’ve got faith, deep down into my soul that God is with me. With that faith I know I can reach the stars. No one’s gonna hold me back. No one’s going to get in my way to reach my goals. God has given me the faith and strength of a warrior to fight the fight, win the fight, and push through any obstacle. I’ve seen the darkest of nights, I’ve seen the brutality of this world, I’ve been through the fire, but I come through stronger then I was before. Nothing’s going to stop me not anymore. No one can take from me what has been taken. Nothing can be taken that isn’t theirs to take. I’ve tried for years to find my way and I’ve put my faith in all the wrong places. I’ve put my faith in people, in jobs, in loyalty of the human soul, but as I spent my precious time placing so much on all the wrong places when that carpet was pulled from under me and I landed on my back, it’s only wise for me to realize what went wrong.

The heart can be lonely for human companionship, but as long as the heart knows the companionship of the Lord, tomorrow will be bright. Having that strength and shield, no one can ever bend or break me again. The world may laugh at you, it may try to beat you to the ground, it may try to break you, but what kind of faith do you have? Do you have the faith to step out of that boat? Do you have the faith to fly that mission that seems like a one-way trip? Do you have the faith to risk it all even if that’s what God is telling you to do? What kind of faith do you have? Do you choose to listen to the voice of truth, or the lies of the deceiver?

A sling and a stone was all David had. A staff was all Moses had. When the world tells you you’ll never win, when the world tells you, you aren’t good enough, when the world tells you to just turn around and walk away, what’s the truth telling you? Do not be afraid, stand tall and raise that sword. You can be that hero, you can be that writer, that doctor, that police officer, do whatever God has planned for you. Don’t sit back and let life pass you by. God is not Santa Claus. You will be given the path, and you will be given the tools you need to succeed. Don’t hold yourself back from achieving great things. Don’t forget the Lord of all things. God wants you to push forward; God will give you all you need. Get off your BUTT and move that mountain. Shake the dust off those boots and get to marching on. Be the kind of man that Angels will sing songs about. Be the kind of man that encourages and doesn’t break others down. Be the kind of man that others can see Christ through you.

Climb the tallest mountain and look at what you’ve achieved. Give the glory to God, and know that the path will be tough but worth every step. Glory to God, Glory to all we have. You’re a free soul, a free agent, bound by no chains of bondage, make the right choice and if you get lost, take out that special compass and find your way back. No matter where you’re going, no matter where you’ve been, Good is now and always has been by your side.


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