When the Waves Crash

When the Waves Crash

 When you stand where the waves crash in the ocean you can and will be beat crash after crash. Life is kind of the same way. When you know the wave is coming you can brace for it, prepare for it, and figure out how to manage the size, intensity, and know that really, the wave is in control, not you. What then happens when you have your back to the waves? If you aren’t prepared to weather the impact, you can and most likely will get knocked down and swept under the waves. As the world treats us, we often feel beaten down by the waves, we often feel as if we’ve been swept unto the undertow and swallowed by the vast ocean.

Matthew 8:23-27 And when he got into the boat, his disciples followed him. And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he was asleep. And they went and woke him, saying, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing.” And he said to them, “Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?” Then he rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. And the men marveled, saying, “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?” The Lord is truly in charge of our lives. Where does our faith put us? When the waves crash against us, how then do we turn to God when the storms and the waves seem so big against us? David writes Psalm 107:29 He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.” God has the power to overcome any storm.

The world can be a cruel place. People’s choices can make life hard, and sadly it’s those who are closest to us that can cause the most pain. The cuts loved ones can make, the betrayals of friends, being sold out, backs being turned, jobs being lost. Luke 8:23 And as they sailed he fell asleep. And a windstorm came down on the lake, and they were filling with water and were in danger.” We fear tomorrow, we fear change, and that fear is because we don’t feel in control of our fate. It’s at these times it’s more important to have faith. Psalm 27:1 1 The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?” Having faith is sometimes the hardest thing we will ever do. Having faith that to stand for God and not the world is the right course. The world we can touch, we can have tangible connections, but truly what is it that we seek? If we are to truly walk with God, some days we can feel HIS presence more then others, but we know He is always with us. Isaiah 41:13For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” When tomorrow comes and you can see the storm brewing on the horizon you know how to stand firm.

Ephesians 6:15 15 and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.” When Paul the Apostil of Christ Jesus wrote this letter to Ephesis, he used the parable of the Roman soldier to explain how the Armor of God should be in place. For the example of this Blog we’ll focus on the shoes. The bottom of the roman shoes, consider being more like cleats. This was to allow the soldier to dig in and stand their ground, never to be pushed back. We are called to be faithful in a world that is designed to so draw us away from the glory of God.

God knows our fate, God knows our heart, and God knows every possible direction we can go. God however is not the only General on the field of battle. The Devil is pulling us in different directions away from Christ. The Devil knows our desires. Make no mistake, free will is always there, it’s always present. When the wave crashes down upon us, know that the storms will come and go just as they always have. How we choose to brace for that impact is a CHOICE we make. Our choice to turn our side to the wave, dive into it, jump over it, however we choose is still our God given right to choose. Be faithful in the teachings of Christ. Be loyal to the words, and ask for forgiveness of your own sins, ask for forgiveness of those who hurt you, sin against you, beat you, know that God too suffered for us. We all have our scars, and those scars will forever remind us of where we have been. As the spear pierced the flesh of Christ, the nails held his arms, remember his arms were held wide. His arms would always remain wide for us. He will always welcome us home with a hug. Remember that through the entire crucifixion Christ never had a bone broken in his body. He was beaten, cut, battered, but never broken. Never let the Devil break you. Never let the Devil win. The waves may crash and thunder down upon you, but if you stand ready, the waves don’t have to knock you down, but if you do, be sure to swim to the top, and never stop kicking till you reach the surface. Stand back up and brace for the next wave. Deuteronomy 28:7 “The LORD shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways.” The enemies will attack you, and you will be the target of hate, and persecution. Jeremiah 1:19 “And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the LORD, to deliver thee.”

Fight back, stand firm, and hold your ground. Don’t let the waves defeat you. One day the waves will subside and the waters will calm. Pray for those days, pray for the storm to be calm, and know that in our Faith God, all things are possible. Never give up.






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