I trusted and went with the flow.

I put my faith in all the wrong places.

Every breath I drew was that of lies.

No matter how far I went I couldn’t see what was there.

I ignored my God, and I fell to my knees and Cried.

Hallelujah My God, I am sorry for my sins.

Hallelujah My God, I’m sorry for my cries.

I’ve walked so far, and now I know I can’t see, can’t see my way out.

God you are Good, but I don’t understand. The storm wages on around me.

God you’re my God, you are keeping me safe even if I can’t see it.

God you loved me enough to save me.

God you owe me nothing, and I owe you everything.

No matter how my mistakes hold me in the mud.

No matter how deep I am, you save me.

God you are glory. God you hold me close when I can’t breath.

My God always has my life in his hands.

My God knows my heart and knows my pain.

Fear, doubt, and disbelief are only tools for the Devil.

Step out of the boat and reach for Gods hand.

Ye of little faith, me of little faith, at times.

Knowing I failed, watching myself fail, there’s only one course.

Be a warrior again, be a holder of the word.

Shield yourself and using the sword of courage pound your shield.

Stand tall against the Devil; stand tall against the demons that wish to bury you.

Take back the fight and rid yourself of those who wish to do you harm.

Fear nothing for The Lord Thy God is with you.

Justice not Vengeance, for vengeance is for God alone.

Love all, Faith in God, Pray, and fight the fight.

Hallelujah My God, I fall to my knees

Hallelujah for my Lord Saves me.

Cross the Bridge to the Lord,

Leave the life behind you’ve live.

Trade for a new life, a new Love.

Hallelujah for Gods love.

Hallelujah for the bridge to salvation.


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