Light Through The Trees

Light Through The Trees

God will allow the worst of life to pour over you, pound you to the ground and continue to be unrelenting. God’s grace is peace, love, forgiveness. The world around you can crash down, your family, your love, your job, your home, every piece of your life can be destroyed. When life is at it’s lowest God wants us to have a conversation with Him. God wants us to lean on Him when it feels more then we can handle. The true meaning of faith is to know that God is with you, it’s the calm that must come with knowing the hardships are temporary, the hardships are only going to make you stronger, and the idea is to grow stronger with your prayers, grow stronger in your faith, grow stronger that God will never leave you. God will never forget you and God will always lift you up never tear you down. The devil will always hurt you, the devil will always tear you down, and the only way up is through God.For now it seems every day is a new attack. I know what’s going on, and I know that right now, I’m being targeted. I’m being tempted and trying to draw my attention away from God. I know the reason why things have gotten so bad for me. The Devil is scared of me. And he should be. It’s when brought to the brink the very precipice we find our drive to change. We can always see the light through the trees, just never give up hope, never stop fighting to find your way out of the darkness.


2 thoughts on “Light Through The Trees

  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so I guess my car wreck is God making me stronger. My faith is being tested.


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