The only comfort to ease my soul is knowing I’m loved by God. You break me down, forsaken, left, forgotten, and the burden of loss, failures and doubt creeps in like gouls and goblins in the night. We may never know how long we will walk without a flesh companion but we are promised that God is with us always. We must have faith in Gods plan. We must remember that free will was a gift and a curse. I myself am not innocent and I pray for forgiveness and I pray my new path is pleasing to God and I pray for blessings. To those alone this day trust in the Lord. Have faith, and rejoice in the birth of our savior.

Tomorrow brings new life and as the sun will rise we face a slew of fresh challenges. The river of life can change with one big storm, but as the clouds recede the waters return to a state of a new normal. The river will never be the same again and as destructive as the storm may be the chance to see new scenery, new places, new adventures. We may never know what’s just beyond the river bend, but what we do know is we have the stars to guide us, the compass in our hearts, and faith to fuel us.


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