Rearview Mirror

Don’t let your rearview mirror be bigger then the windshield. We all have regrets and mistakes, missed opportunities. Today, leave the past where it is. Love conquers all, forgive others, forgive yourself. Hug your wives, your husbands, your parents and your children. Dont let yesterday ruin your day. We never know how much time we have. Life is short and only God knows the whole plan.

Matthew 6:34 ‘Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’


2 thoughts on “Rearview Mirror

  1. It is so hard for me to forgive myself but then I think if God forgives me I should be able to forgive myself because I don’t even deserve the forgiveness of God. We can forgive others but it is hard to forget.


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