Life worth Living

It’s amazing how small we are. We find ourselves looking at our lives and we fail to realize the point. Life was never going to be easy because if anything is worth having it’s worth putting effort into. We get so wrapped up in our lives, our pain, our joy, that we forget that our life is infinitely smaller then any possible thought can ever imagine. When one considers the vast nature of our universe we have only one thought when life gets hard and that’s why me. Sometimes the human brain just can’t handle certain truths, we just can’t fathom that we are not the center of the universe, when the truth is tomorrow the sun will rise, and we always have the chance to make tomorrow better then today. We may never know what our future holds, but as long as we wake up the next morning we have been given the greatest gift one could ever ask for and that’s life. What a precious thing life, so easily made, so easily taken. Someone once told me that mind of a child is extremely resilient, but how fragile our bodies are. The true challenge of life is not survive day to day, but it’s to live. Life is loving, it’s giving, it’s finding true happiness. God has given us the chance to find eternal happiness and all we have to do is follow. We may not always understand our path, or the reasons we must face certain pains or suffering, but our challenge is to reach out in our time of sorrow, our time of need. Love is the greatest gift we will ever receive in our lives. As they say pay it forward. When you find love cherish it. Never give up on tomorrow. Have faith in God that He will see you through whatever you face.


2 thoughts on “Life worth Living

  1. This is the one I was trying to comment on before. I needed this the other day. Just made me feel better and was exactly what I needed.


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