Welcome to my blog. I hope this blog helps in your walk with Christ. I look forward to any feedback you may want to offer. Have the heart of a warrior, the belief of a child, the strength of a lion. Be great in all you do. Love with all you are, find joy in the small things in life. Be a steward of the word. Treasure it with all thine heart.

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I became someone else, something else.

I am a grown man, who’s seen the world, experienced love, experienced great loss, experienced great pain, but in all that time, have come to realize how important the walk with Christ is. I am never alone, but live without a companion. Living is not for the weak. Live Long and Prosper. Prochnost “Russian noun meaning strength, durability, stability, toughness, solidity, endurance.” At the beginning of change the idea was small. Now the idea is coming together. New name “Kapitan strelok-propovednik” Captain Arrow Preacher.

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Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish or email me to connect with me. I am always willing to hear advice, positive comments, and perhaps a little constructive criticism. I enjoy being social, so by all means, don’t be shy.



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